Retirement Savings

Managing existing and new accounts for singles and couples

Throughout his career, Dan has enjoyed working in the retirement plan arena. Retirement plans are one of the most rewarding areas of financial planning for Gaugert Financial. With fiduciary requirements getting more stringent, 404(c) implementation tightly monitored and ongoing plan review a necessity, we can help you look at or create the best plan. Areas of expertise include 401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE, SEP, ROTH IRA, IRA's and non-qualified deferred compensation.

Another aspect of retirement planning involves continual employee education, one one-on-one meetings with plan participants and a strong working relationship with the plan administrator and trustee. We particularly like meeting with individual participants in helping them feel comfortable and assured that they have made a good decision based on good advice.

Retirement Calculator

This retirement calculator will help you determine how much per year you need to save to meet your retirement goals.

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